Live Q&A - "Is it a sin to wear makeup?"

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Eric Bancroft Series: Q & A

0:00 If I am new to the Bible, where should I start reading?

1:57 How do we know if certain hardships are because we are living under God's discipline or simply life’s spiritual trials?

4:38 What is the role of the Holy Spirit once our faith is perfected in Christ?

7:43 What is the difference between gossip and counsel? Can you gossip while seeking counsel?

10:54 What type of music do the pastors/elders of Grace Church personally like and listen to?

12:34 If the head of my household is living in sin, how should I respond?

16:00 Is it a sin to wear makeup?

18:05 If I have buddies that don’t believe in Christ and I tell them the word and they don’t care about Jesus or what I say what do I do then?