Spiritual Parenting: How to Make Decisions that Honor God

January 22, 2023 Speaker: Eric Bancroft Series: Spiritual Parenting

Passage: Proverbs 3:5–8

Textual: Proverbs 3:5-8
- Surrender to the Lord (vs. 5a)
- Suspect yourself (vs. 5b, 7)
- Live your life with God in mind (vs. 6, 7b)

Principle: 4 Steps to Biblical Decision Making
- Take Personal Responsibility
- Identify the Complications
- Understand God’s Perspective
- Commit to the Process (decree, desire, delegation)

Practical: How to make a decision
- Does God’s Word specifically address it?
- Think about:
  - Your motives related to the decision
  - Your role as a representative of God
  - Your role(s) in relationship to others
- Get information to learn more about the decision / options
- Pray about it. Seriously.
- Seek counsel from wise and godly people
- Pray and consider how you will respond if you do or don’t get it.
- Make a decision.

Remember, as a Christian, your identity is in Christ, not any single decision or the sum of your decisions.

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