Worship: A Response, Not a Catalyst

March 5, 2023 Speaker: Chris Juday Series: Grace Church Sunday Sermons

Passage: Genesis 4:1–7

Worship is the awed response to the saving acts and praiseworthy character of God.

  1. God Regards Worship by Faith (v4, Heb 11:4)
  2. God Disregards Quid Pro Quo Worship (v5, 1 John 3:12)
  3. Crouching Sin, Hidden Consequences (vv 6-7)

"People respond differently to the mystery and majesty of God. On the one hand when there is no appreciation of the mystery and majesty, people are indifferent, curious perhaps, and at times irritated. But the positive reaction of wonder and reverence, which is the response of faith, turns into acts of worship, for the revelation moves from evoking a sense of fear and astonishment to one of self-abasement and adoration. Isaiah’s response was: 'Woe to me!...I am ruined.'"

– Allen P. Ross

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