The Tale of Two Moms

June 25, 2023 Speaker: Eric Bancroft Series: Galatians

Passage: Galatians 4:21– 5:1

Christ sets people free from slavery. Now don’t return to it.

  1. What happened in history? (vv. 21-23)
  2. What does it mean? (vv. 24-27)
  3. Why does that matter for us today? (vv. 28 – 5:1)

Four kinds of people in the world:

  • Law-obeying, Law-relying
  • Law-disobeying, Law-relying
  • Law-disobeying, Not Law-relying
  • Law-obeying, Not Law-relying

You cannot accomplish true righteousness. You can only receive true righteousness.