Five Years of Grace


1) What should I wear if I visit your church?

There is no dress code at Grace Church. Whether you decide to wear a 3-piece suit or come wearing sandals and shorts, you are welcome to worship with us in whatever clothing makes you feel most comfortable!

2) What do you do during your worship service?

The small handout at the entrance will provide a road map and helpful information for each Sunday’s worship service. Generally, we have a time where we sing the Scriptures, pray the Scriptures, and teach the Scriptures. This means we sing songs grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ; we strive to read God's Word and pray with language saturated by the Bible; and we listen to an expository sermon where the Bible is taught and applied to our everyday lives. After the service is over, we often go out to grab a meal and continue investing in relationships.

3) Will there be instruction for young children?

Yes. We love serving you and your children through our Next Generation Kids Ministry! We engage children with the gospel in fun and appropriate ways, with the purpose of seeing them grow in a knowledge and love for Jesus. We currently provide childcare for infants up to 2nd grade.

4) Will you ask me to give you any money?

No. We see giving primarily as an act of worship for our members to participate in the work that God is doing through our church in our city. As a guest, we just want you to come and receive whatever God might be teaching you through the service—guests are not expected or asked to give money.

We do not pass offering plates but instead provide giving opportunities online and an offering box at the back of the church where people can give whenever they feel led during the service. In all this, God desires that we give out of a response of joy to what He's done for us in Christ, rather than begrudging compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).