Marriage Matters 4 of 4 Q&A

May 28, 2021 Speaker: Eric Bancroft Series: Marriage Matters

What is a safe way to research sex with your spouse? Or “safe” ways to explore new sexual adventures with them? (0:00)

So because the wife nor husband own their own body but share one another's, when either one asks for sex/sexual favors, should the other be expected to oblige? (2:48)

Should a married couple combine their independent finances when becoming one? Why or why not? (6:14)

How is the wife's responsibility of "providing a home for the husband" impacted when she works just as much as he does? (8:17)

I do not understand what providing a home for your husband is? Is it doing all the actions of the woman from proverbs, because I can’t sew or cook? (8:30)

If you were going to get married tomorrow, knowing what you know now, what would you do different? (15:58)

What are some guidelines/limitations that I should consider when making an appeal to my husband regarding a decision he's making which I don't agree with? (21:43)

How do you encourage a couple where sex is not enjoyable and done more so as obligation due to the act being more so painful and uncomfortable. (23:35)

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